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MDS Newsletter #30

MDS Newsletter #30

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Community Speaks

This week's question: Which data stack tools categories do you think might get bundled in the future?

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Last week's question: Of late, there has been an emergence of a school of thought on treating data as a product. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know why.

I have been a data person for 12 years of my career and in one way or the other it was always a product atleast with the way I reverse engineered it sometime ago.Though i never realized it but subconsciously i did accept it as a product.The space became mature and data was no longer side casted and the world started building technologies around DATA. So yes for me DATA was, is and will be a product. I'm sure you must have heard Data is the new oil, very cliche but very apt. Vehicle being the technology and oil being the data is flowing throughout the machine.
-Unmesh Shah

  • 5X is the modern data stack as a managed service that enables companies to answer business questions, without having to worry about building data infrastructure or bringing in the right data engineering team.

    Category: Managed Data Stack

    Headquartered in Singapore, 5x was founded in 2021.
  • Canvas is a spreadsheet-based data exploration tool that helps operators make faster, better decisions without SQL.

    Category: Spreadsheet-based BI

    Canvas has raised a total funding of $4.2M from Sequoia, Abstract Ventures, and SVAngel.

Good reads and resources

  • Is the data warehouse the new system of record?: MDS has become the go-to cloud data architecture for top-performing SaaS businesses. The data warehouse is one of the integral parts of this infrastructure. But the problem is for most companies, the DWH is not the only system of record or single source of truth, the other system of record is the CRM. The data in the DWH gets piped into tools that are primarily for product, data, and growth teams, and the CRM powers tools for marketing, sales, and customer success. These two tools don’t talk to each other.

    In this article, Isaac Pohl-Zaretsky has discussed in detail the data warehouse, its place in the Modern Data Stack, and why he believes it will be the system of record for modern GTM teams.
  • Data for all: Why data democratization matters at every scale: Data democratization does not only means having access to data but using it in a way that you and your team envision. In this article, Olivia Iannone has broken down what data democratization is and why it matters now more than ever. She also talks about how it shows up on the scale of entire businesses, as well as between individuals in the same organization, and shared some tips that’ll help you (or your team) pick the right tools to make data democracy a reality.
  • What We Expect from Data Analytics in 2022: 99% of enterprises are actively investing in big data and artificial intelligence, 65% of the firms have appointed a Chief Data Officer, and 96% report that they have enhanced their competitive edge and achieved measurable business outcomes. Innovative data analytics use cases are being explored each day on a large scale.  However, there are still major challenges in extracting the full value from an organization’s data: huge volumes and varieties of data, costly and time-consuming ETL, and complex hybrid infrastructures. In this article, Inbal Aharoni talks about the issues surrounding data analytics and discusses how industry watchers expect those challenges to be addressed during 2022.
  • Data Mesh as a Framework for Data-Driven Value at Scale: As data becomes increasingly complex and voluminous, managing it effectively becomes a greater challenge. Data Mesh solves this problem for organisations, and with its increased adoption its principles are becoming more standardised and easier to implement. Different industries are finding new and innovative ways to utilise the framework to scale rapidly with less risk. In this article, Cynozure has discussed how Data Mesh can be a powerful tool for businesses and organisations looking to make better decisions at scale.
  • Why Are Analytics Still So Hard? With Kaycee Lai of Promethium: This week on The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas chat with Kaycee Lai, CEO, and Founder of Promethium. During the episode, Kaycee discusses why analytics is hard, the relationship between data virtualization and ETL, data catalogs, and more.

Upcoming data events and webinars

  • Atlan is hosting a webinar on "Future of Metrics Layer and Metadata" on April 21, 2022.
    Join it to hear about what data leaders think about the metrics layer and metadata. Register here
  • Transform is organizing a virtual event “Metrics Store Summit” on April 26, 2022.
    Learn from real-life examples of how organizations have tackled metrics challenges and explore the future of the modern data stack powered by the metrics store. Register here
  • Confluent is organizing an in-person/virtual summit “Kafka Summit London 2022” on 25th & 26th April 2022. Kafka Summit is the premier event for developers, architects, data engineers, DevOps professionals, and anyone else who wants to learn about streaming data. Register here

Data startup funding and acquisition news

  • Kubit raised $18 million in a Series A funding round!

    Kubit is the only Product Analytics platform that runs directly on your cloud data warehouse. This round was led by New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners, with participation from existing investors Shasta Ventures and TSVC.

    Read the full story here.
  • Hightouch acquired Workbase - a workflow automation startup, for an undisclosed amount!

    Hightouch, the data activation platform startup, has recently acquired Workbase, a workflow automation company.

    Read here.

MDS Jobs

  • Dutchie is hiring a ‘Senior Analytics Engineer’
    Location- Remote
    Check out Dutchie’s data stack here
    Apply here
  • Customer.io is hiring a ‘Data Analyst’
    Location- Remote
    Check out Customer’s data stack here
    Apply here
  • Grail is hiring a ‘ Senior Data Engineer’
    Location- Remote, US/NC
    Data Stack- dbt, Fivetran, Redshift, Tableau
    Apply here
  • Sanity is hiring a ‘Senior Analytics Engineer’
    Location- Remote, US
    Data Stack- dbt, BigQuery, Looker, DeepNote, Hightouch, Airflow
    Apply here
  • TOCA Football is hiring a ‘Data Analytics Engineer’
    Location- Remote
    Data Stack- Snowflake, dbt, Fivetran, Tableau, Airflow
    Apply here

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