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MDS Newsletter #37

MDS Newsletter #37

Hey Folks,

Something great is coming up super soonnn!!!🤩 Keep an eye out for it!

  • Kausa is an Augmented Analytics Platform that provides you with a thorough understanding of why your metrics are changing. The Kausa Algorithm weaves a web of possible explanations, combining methods from causal inference and differential topology.

    Unlocking all available dimensions of your data, Kausa presents you with actionable insights in seconds.
  • Metaplane is an observability platform that saves engineering time and increases trust by letting data teams know when things break, what went wrong, and how to fix it.

    This is done by automatically monitoring modern data stacks from warehouses to BI dashboards, identifying normal behavior (e.g. lineage, volumes, distributions, freshness), then alerting the right people when things go wrong.
  • BlaBlaCar is the world’s leading long-distance carpooling platform – a global, trusted community of over 100 million drivers and passengers in 22 countries.

    Let's find out what are some of the tools BlaBlaCar uses in its data stack.

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Good reads and resources

  • The Death of Data Modeling - Pt. 1: Data modeling is useful as an abstraction that bridges the gap between the data we collect and the real world. In the era of the Modern Data Stack, it appears a new wave of tech-first companies have moved beyond robust data modeling. In this article by Chad Sanderson, he discussed various problems without a strong data modeling culture and how data modelling is dead in the current incarnation of the Modern Data Stack.
  • Data Mesh: Topologies and domain granularity: "Data mesh is a shift that can completely redefines what data management means for organizations" said Piethein Strengholt. In his article, he shared different architecture design patterns of different data mesh topologies(From full decentralization and fine-grained decoupling to more managed data distribution) and the considerations for choosing each. He also explained what drives companies and why they favor one design over another.
  • Eight Podcasts Every Data Practitioner Should Listen To : In this article, QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company highlight eight podcasts that can help new and experienced practitioners in their day-to-day roles and also in their career paths. The recommendations provide insights into a range of topics from diversity and the role of women in the workplace to the application of machine learning in business.

Community Speaks

This week's question: While building a data platform, how do you approach the build vs. buy problem and quantify the tradeoffs?

You can answer it here

Last week's question: How would dashboards 2.0 look like? (they are far away from being dead)

There are 2 major trends reshaping BI. The first is the unbundling of analytics processing and data visualization. BI tools often struggle with huge datasets and complex relationships. They also don't offer powerful analytics capabilities. To get more value from their data, modern businesses are shifting to pre-processing their most important analytics upstream of their data visualization tools. The second is the shift towards operational analytics. Many teams don't want another tool to click through and digest information in. Instead, they want distilled, actionable insights directly in their existing work tools to empower better real-time decision-making and workflow automation. To succeed, Dashboards 2.0 should focus on lightweight implementations, easy connections to analytics pipelines, in-app embeds and integration into the hub of the analytics team to collaborate and share knowledge.
Matthew Mesher, Co-Founder @ Savant Labs

Upcoming data events, summits, and webinars

  • Data on the rocks event will be held on Tue, Jun 14, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM PDT in Las Vegas. The event is being co-hosted by ​Deepnote, ​Airbyte and ​Census.

    Register here.
  • Evanta is organising CDO Summit - Dalla on June 14, 2022.

    Join fellow CDOs in the Dallas community to solve critical leadership challenges through the collective experiences and expertise of the network.
    More details.

Startup funding news

  • Castor raises $23.5M in Series A round of funding.

    This round was led by blossom capital with participation from First and angel investors including Florian Douetteau, the founder of Dataiku. Castor was founded by Xavier de Boisredon , Tristan Mayer, Arnaud de Turckheim and Amaury Dumoulin. Read the full story here.
  • Immuta raised $100M in Series E funding at a $1B valuation.

    Night Dragon led the funding with participation from Snowflake Ventures and existing investors Dell Technologies Capital, DFJ Growth, IAG, Intel Capital, March Capital, StepStone, Ten Eleven Ventures, and Wipro Ventures. Read more here.

MDS Jobs

  • Hubspot is hiring a ‘Business Intelligence Engineer’
    Location- Ireland
    Check out Hubspot’s data stack here
    Apply here
  • Reify Health  is hiring a ‘Senior Data Engineer’
    Location- Remote
    Data Stack- AWS, Postgres, dbt, Kafka, Prefect
    Apply here
  • Dext is hiring a ‘Analytics Engineer’
    Location- Bulgaria
    Data Stack- Snowflake, dbt, Looker, Meltano
    Apply here

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