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MDS Newsletter #25

MDS Newsletter #25

Hey all👋

It's Wednesday and I am here with the 25th edition of the MDS newsletter series. We have seen amazing growth in the last few weeks, thanks to you guys!  If you love this newsletter (And I know you do! We had a whopping 76% open rate for the previous edition🥳) share it with your friends & colleagues in data space! Help us make this newsletter reach every data nerd there is😀

Now let's dive into this week's edition!

Community Speaks

This week's question: According to you, what are companies losing if they do not invest in modern data stack?

You can send answers by replying to the email or writing to us at [email protected]

Last week's question: How would you describe your data job in one word/sentence?

Kristine Cristobal, Senior Data Engineer at Feeld

To empower decision making with insights.
Benjamin Rouif, Data Analytics Manager at Getaround

As a data professional, you might know how hard it is to share & collaborate your work. Constantly jumping between local Python notebooks, traditional BI platforms, spreadsheets, SQL scratchpads, visualization tools. It's a mess!

How to clear this mess? - Data Workspace

Data Workspaces are tools for data analysis that share many of the same traits as traditional BI tools, but with a much stronger emphasis on flexibility, collaboration, and widespread sharing of artifacts.

Here is an amazing article and a tweet thread on Data Workspace by Izzy Miller, Community Advocate at Hex explaining how Data Workspaces enable more technical users to do extremely powerful and complex data work— and easily share results with anyone.

  • Bigeye is the data observability platform that helps teams measure, improve, and communicate data quality clearly at any scale. Bigeye's mission is to make it effortless for data teams to measure, improve, and communicate data quality for their organizations.

    Category: Data Quality Monitoring

    Headquartered in San Francisco, Bigeye has raised a total of $66M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on 16th Sep'21 from a Series B round.
  • Hopsworks is an open-source platform for the development and operation of ML pipelines at scale with a Feature Store.

    Category: Feature Store

    Headquartered in Stockholm, Hopswork was founded in 2016.

Good reads and resources

  • What Good Data Product Managers Do – And Why You Probably Need One: Increased data volume and the adoption of the data-driven approach have not only led to the evolution of data stack tools but also how improved the way organizations are structuring their data teams. Today, organizations are heavily investing in their data stack & hiring for relevant data job roles. One such data role is ‘Data Product Managers’. The search volume for the data project manager role has increased significantly. Data departments are modernizing their team structure with data product managers at the helm of data projects.

    In this article, Barr Moses has talked about the role of data product manager, its evolution & significance in the present time to effectively operationalize an organization’s data.
  • How to Craft a Data Management Strategy and Why it is Important: The promise of unbeatable competitive advantage through proper usage of business data has led to many organizations hoarding any type of data they can get their hands on. But still, they struggle in managing and making the proper use of that hoarded data. Almost 55% of the data either remain unused or undiscoverable by data teams because of poor data management.

    In this article, Amanda Sparks has discussed in deep about what makes a good data management strategy and offers useful tips on how an organization can get started building it.
  • Data literacy: What it is and why it matters: Today data literacy is an indispensable skill for both people & organizations. Just like organizations focus on how they can better utilize organizational data, people should also pay attention to how their personal data is being used. And for these both, data literacy is a must!

    In this article, Bill Schmarzo has discussed his Data Literacy Framework that provides a holistic synopsis on the data and analytic training requirements – subject matter areas – for everyone to become data literate.
  • 5 strategies for data workflows scheduling at Miro: Data workflow scheduling is a very important aspect while building a strong data platform. In this article, Ronald Ángel has shared strategies that they applied at Miro to scale their data workflows scheduling capabilities so that it works alongside the rest of the components in their data platform.
  • Data Mesh: The Balancing Act of Centralization and Decentralization: Data Mesh is one of the hottest and most discussed data trends today. Many organizations are already adopting it to decentralize data ownership. Every enterprise has its own data landscape and challenges to address, but not all enterprises are ready for decentralization at scale. However, one can strike a balance by choosing a topology that matches their organization's requirements.

    In this article, Piethein Strengholt has discussed various nuances and considerations for implementing data mesh architecture.

Upcoming data events, summits & webinars

  • Census is organizing an event on 'Leading with Operational Analytics'  on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2022 - 11:30 PM (IST).

    Join this to learn how operational and data leaders are shaping the future of Operational Analytics and how modern businesses are organizing and strategizing to fulfill the potential of their data with Operational Analytics.

    Register here
  • Message Gears is hosting a webinar "Unlocking AI for Customer Engagement on the Modern Data Stack" on March 22, 2022.

    At this event, you'll hear how companies are boosting revenues with intelligent customer experiences fueled by ML.

    Register here

Data startup funding news

  • Atlan raised $50 million in its Series B round at a $455 million valuation.

    Atlan is a modern data collaboration workspace that helps data teams collaborate and democratize their enterprise data.

    This round of funding was led by Salesforce VC, Sequoia, and Insight Partners.

    Read the full news here.
  • Canner Data raised $3.5M Series Pre-A funding led by Taiwania Capital

    Canner empowers businesses to efficiently convert data into business value by connecting data silos and transforming business-facing datasets into application-ready dataset APIs with a universal data access interface.

    Led by Taiwania Capital, the funding round was also participated in by global venture capital firm Hive Ventures and SparkLabs Taipei.

    Read the full news here.

MDS Jobs

  • Threeflow is hiring a 'Senior Analytics Engineer'
    Location: US
    Data stack: dbt, stitch, Bigquery, Looker
    Apply here
  • AlphaSense is hiring 'Director, Data Engineering & Architecture'
    Location:Remote, US
    Data stack: dbt, stitch, Fivetran, looker.
    Apply here
  • Snapcommerce is hiring a 'Senior Analytics Engineer'
    Location: Remote, Toronto
    Data stack: Snowflake, airflow, dbt, fivetran, looker.
    Apply here
  • Peek is hiring a 'Senior Data Engineer'
    Location: Remote, US
    Data stack: Stitch, BigQuery, Postgres, dbt, looker
    Apply here
  • Fetch Rewards is hiring a 'Data Engineer'
    Location: Remote, US
    Data stack: dbt, snowflake, great expectations, tableau.
    Apply here

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