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MDS Newsletter #3

MDS Newsletter #3

Hi All!

We're here with our third edition of the MDS newsletter.

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In this edition, we will introduce you to new data stack tools, resources, data events, this week's featured category, and give you the latest funding news from happening data startups.

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After decades of sales and marketing-led growth, "Product Led Growth" has seen an unprecedented rise, and is here to stay!

Product Led Growth is a user-focused growth model where the product is at the center of everything to drive customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion. This has led to a shift in the way we handle our "Customer Relationships". Now there are "PLG CRM" tools that are specially designed to complement your Product Led Growth.

"The software industry has shifted to a product-led growth (PLG) approach to building and growing. The need for a new kind of CRM has emerged- the PLG CRM."
Noah Brier (Co-founder of Variance)

So, what is PLG CRM, and how can it work for your product? Here's the full article and here's the tweet thread.

Here are this week's featured companies from the Modern Data Stack.

Starburst is an analytics engine for "Data Mesh". It helps you derive the value from your distributed data in a fast and easy manner, no matter where your data lives.

Starburst - Analytics Anywhere
Make better decisions with fast access to all your data; without the complexity of data movement and copies.

Castor is a collaborative, automated data discovery tool that helps you find, understand & use your data. It is a single source of truth to reference and document all the knowledge related to data for efficient collaboration between data people within a company.

Castor - Bring trust and visibility to your data
Find, Understand, Use your data assets. With Castor, your data is well documented and discoverable by everyone in your team.

Good reads and videos

Keep pace with the latest developments in the modern data stack. Always be learning!

Danielle Boccelli: In her blog, she talks about how the changes in the technical environment have resulted in the shift of power away from decision-makers. A detailed description of the problem and the reasons behind it. She also discusses possible solutions to avoid the problem of disempowerment.

Are Decision-Makers Disempowered by the Modern Data Stack?
Considering the position of decision-makers in an increasingly data-driven world

Data Engineering Podcast: This 44 minutes episode contains detailed info on how you can reuse your business metrics using Metriql - an open-source headless BI system. Burak Kabakcı talks thoroughly about the story behind the project, how you can use it to create your metrics definitions and the benefits of treating the semantic layer as a dedicated component of your platform.

Make Your Business Metrics Reusable With Open Source Headless BI Using Metriql - Episode 228
An interview with Burak Kabakcı about the open source headless BI system Metriql and how it provides a central system for defining and using key business metrics.

Paul Singman: In this article, he talks about how to measure a data engineering team. Data teams love calculating and tracking everything with metrics, yet often fail to apply the same strategy for their own work. Paul has discussed how meaningful metrics such as data quality, data uptime, & development velocity can help you gauge the reality of the data engineering team.  

How To Measure a Data Engineering Team
Data teams love calculating and tracking everything with metrics. We already have the infrastructure in place to do so… yet often fail to…

Soda: Among others, the most serious issue that data teams face today is data quality. With no system in place to detect this bad quality data, it often has an impact on downstream data-related tasks. This blog by Tom Baeyens, CTO & Co-Founder Soda explains how you can manage data and handle data quality issues.

How To Get Started Managing Data Quality With SQL and Scale
By Tom Baeyens, CTO & Co-Founder

Robert Yi: Chief Data Officer & Co-founder at Dataframe Robert Yi talks about how you can write better SQL queries in traditional data discovery workflow.

The rise and fall of standalone data discovery.
Introducing a better SQL-writing workflow, and your first glimpse into Hyperquery.

Latest funding news

The latest happenings in the VC world for data stack companies.

Clarisights raised a $14M Series-A round!

This round was led by Sequoia India with participation from OMERS Ventures and some angel investors namely Connor Murphy, Guillaume Cabane, Zach Coelius, Max Altschuler, & Jens Lapinski. This investment will help to grow customer success & go-to-market teams for better business growth.

Clarisights: Empowering marketing teams
Sequoia Capital India is thrilled to support Arun, Ankur and Ashu and the Clarisights team in their journey to democratize data access.

Duality Tech raised a $30M Series-B round!

This round was led by LG Technology Ventures with Euclidean Capital and the National Bank of Canada’s corporate venture capital arm NAventures along with some previous investors - Interl Capitals, Hearst Ventures, and Team 8. With this investment, Duality aims to build more privacy-centric & secure collaboration tools.

Duality nabs $30M for its privacy-focused data collaboration tools, built using homomorphic encryption – TechCrunch
Duality, a startup founded by groundbreaking cryptographers and data scientists that is building tools to make it easier for companies to share data and collaborate with each other without compromising sensitive information, has raised some funding on the back of some significant early deals, inclu…

Upcoming data stack events & webinars

Upcoming conferences, summits, and webinars for you. Start networking!

Radar Event- Data & AI

This is a free & virtual event being held on 14 October 2021. It includes two keynotes and two concurrent three-hour tracks—designed to lay out for tech leaders the issues, tools, and best practices that are critical to an organisation at any step of their data and AI journey.

Radar Event: Data & AI 2021 - O’Reilly Media
Free online event: Oct 14, 7:00am-10:00am PT/10:00am-1:00pm ET

Data Science Go

DSGO virtual is being held on 15-16 October in a virtual mode. You can grab your virtual tickets at the link below.


DataMasters Summit, 2021

This summit can help you connect with like-minded data leaders, learn something new from mind-blowing speakers, and be inspired by what’s possible when you have clean, curated data. No matter where you are in your digital journey, this half-day event will help you accelerate your transformation.

Check for details on the link below.

DataMasters Summit 2021 - Tamr Inc.
Oct. 19th, 2021 Join us virtually and become a data master! Register now Attending from APAC? Register Here We believe in a world where every business is data-driven. Join us at DataMasters 2021 to connect with like-minded data leaders, learn…

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