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MDS Newsletter #7

MDS Newsletter #7

Hi Folks!

Hope you all had a great kickstart to the week! We are here with our 7th edition of the newsletter. Thanks for all the love that you have shown!

Let's take you through this week's newsletter. Your feedback is always welcome 😊

Organizations dealing with exponential amounts of data need to ensure that the right data reaches the right person in an organized way, making data more trustable and reliable. This can be achieved through Data Governance.

Data is one of the most valuable assets at a company's disposal. Data governance makes sure that this asset remains protected.

Here is an amazing article & tweet thread on "Data Governance" by Xavier De Boisredon: Co-founder & COO at Castor.

ThoughtSpot is a business intelligence and big data analytics platform. Its product helps analyze company data, build reports and dashboards using a browser-based search interface.

Fivetran is an ETL tool that collects and integrates data from various SaaS services and databases into a single data warehouse that helps improve the accuracy of data-driven business decisions.

Good Reads and Videos

Paramita Ghosh: The terms “data fabric” and “data mesh” are often used conversely as both provide an architecture to access data across various platforms. The only difference is that a data fabric deals with technology, while a data mesh deals with organizational changes. In her article, she has compared Data Mesh and Data Fabric on a broader level highlighting the benefits of each and giving the reasons why one is better than the other. Here's the full article: An experience of a “Data Ecosystem”.

Cassie Kozyrkov: In her blog, she discusses the common mistakes that new data recruits make. A detailed explanation about how these mistakes can be avoided and what can be done instead. She has also given a few suggestions that will be beneficial for a beginner's data journey. Here’s the link to the article: Tough Love for Naïve Data Newbies.

Tobias Macey: In this episode of 'Data Engineering Podcast' hosted and interviewed by Tobias, Tejas Manohar and Rachel Bradley-Haas share the story of their own careers and experiences about the combination of operational analytics and the customer data platform. Here is the podcast episode: Exploring The Evolution And Adoption of Customer Data Platforms and Reverse ETL.

Antriksh Goel: In this article, he has shared his experience of working as a data professional. He explained in depth how different professionals in the same organization interact with data. He also gives an account of how data is consumed differently at different stages of its lifecycle. Here is the link to the article: An experience of a “Data Ecosystem”.

Latest Funding News

The latest happenings in the VC world for data stack companies.

Yellowbrick Data raises $75 Million in a Series C1 round of Funding Round!

This round added 3 new investors, one of which was Citadel. Also, existing investors who participated were Third Point Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Next47, DFJ Growth, Threshold Ventures, GV, and IVP. Here's the full article.

Calixa raises $12M in the Series-A funding round!

This round of funding was led by @kleinerperkins, who also led the seed funding for them. @SalesforceVC and @twilio have also participated in the round.

Calixa have HQ in San Fransisco CA, USA and was founded by @thomasschiavone in 2020. Here's the full article.

Supergrain announced its $6.8M seed funding. The investor was @bench

Supergrain officially launched the beta version of their product, which is a Headless BI-Platform. Here is the announcement.

Datafold raises $20M Series A

Datafold aim to help data teams deliver reliable products faster. This Series A Funding Round was backed by NEA and Amplify Partners. Here is the link to the article.

Upcoming data stack events & webinars

Thoughtspot is hosting an amazing virtual conference 'Beyond.2021' for data and analytics leaders on November 16th. The speakers from big data companies will be unlocking the value of Modern Data Stack and telling how organizations are transforming themselves using data and analytics.

Get all the details of the conference here.

Informa is setting up an event called MADS, focussing on three core principles: Best practices for ensuring synergy between data science and analytics; hacks to ensure a data-driven mindset is embedded into your organizational culture, and proven strategies for enhancing the value of impact in the overall organization.

Event registration link.

Thoughtworks is organizing a webinar on 16th November to help develop an understanding about how a data mesh implementation looks like. The event will also include a discussion on an influential Data Mesh implementation at a large-scale Fortune 50 enterprise.

Here are the details of the webinar.

What's trending on Twitter in the Data Stack world!

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