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MDS Newsletter #13

MDS Newsletter #13

Hey Everyone,

It's a big day for us!

Today we launched MDS on Product Hunt and we'd be really grateful if you can support and amplify our launch. 👇

Say "hello" to MDS on the product hunt!  

Also, we're all heading into the holiday season this week, so wish you all Happy Holidays! 🎄

Now let's dive straight into this week's newsletter.

Here are this week's featured companies from the Modern Data Stack.

  • dbt is a transformation workflow that lets teams quickly and collaboratively deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices like modularity, portability, CI/CD, and documentation. Now anyone who knows SQL can build production-grade data pipelines.
  • Yellowbrick Data is a data warehouse for distributed clouds. It helps you speed time to insight while slashing costs. It is quick to deploy, easy to expand, and simple to manage.

Good reads and resources

Keep pace with the latest developments in the modern data stack. Always be learning!

  • Data Democratization: In this article, the writer has discussed the "What, Why, & How" of data democratization. She also shared a checklist for you to make sure you have things in place for your company's data democratization.
  • 3 Ways Data Engineers at Snowflake Leverage Reverse ETL: In this article, Russell Dervay shares how engineers at snowflake are using Reverse ETL to unlock the magic of data.
  • Building Analytics and Data Lake Capabilities with Limited Data: A very common problem many organizations, especially startups, encounters is having little or no data. Unfortunately, operating blind and without data, insights is no longer an option. Read an article by Gary Cheung where he explains the cost of Building Data Pipelines, how to improve your data lakes/ analytics capabilities along with a concrete example.
  • Your Guide to Creating a Warehouse-First Data Analytics Stack: According to Gartner's 2020 Analytics Survey,  even with data, most companies are still unable to derive meaningful business insights from their analysis. To know the reason why companies are facing this issue and how can it be overcome, read this article by Kostas Pardalis where he discusses how the warehouse-first approach equips organizations with the armory to perform deeper analysis and answer questions that your analytics tool can't.
  • Building A System Of Record For Your Organization's Data Ecosystem At Metaphor: In this episode of the Data Engineering Podcast, Pardhu Gunnam and Mars Lan explain how they have designed the architecture and user experience to allow everyone to collaborate on the data lifecycle and provide opportunities for automation and extensible workflows.

Latest funding news

The latest happenings in the VC world for data stack companies.

Airbyte raised $150M in a Series-B funding round!

With this $150M investment, the total funding reached $181.2M at a $1.5B valuation. Airbyte is the new open-source data integration platform that syncs data from applications, APIs & databases to data warehouses, lakes, and DBs.

This round of funding was led by Altimeter Capital and Coatue Management alongside Thrive Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Benchmark, Accel, and SV Angel. Read the full news here

Hevo Data
Hevo Data raised $30M in a Series-B funding round!

Hevo is a no-code data pipeline as a service. It helps you move data from any source to your data-warehouses such as Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake in real-time.
This round of funding was led by Sequoia Capital India along with some other investors including Qualgro, Lachy Groom, and Chiratae Ventures. Read the full news here

Continual AI
Continual AI raised $4M in a seed funding round for its AI-powered data platform!

Continual is the easiest way to get continually improving predictions – from customer churn to inventory forecasts – directly on your cloud data warehouse.
This round of funding was led by Amplify Partners along with participation from Illuminate Ventures, Wayfinder, DCF, and Essence. Read the full news here

Sigma Computing raised $300M in a Series-C funding round!

Sigma is a cloud analytics solution with a spreadsheet-like UI, enabling anyone to explore data at cloud scale and speed.
This round of funding was co-led by D1 Capital Partners and XN along with Sutter Hill Ventures and  Altimeter Capital and investment from Snowflake Ventures. Read the full news here

MDS Jobs

dbt labs is hiring an 'Analytics Engineering Manager'
Location: ‌USA
Tags: Lyft, Monzo, GitLab, Snowflake, the ACLU
Apply here

Amazon is hiring a 'Data Scientist, Prime Video Content Analytics'
Location: London
Tags: SQL, Python, SAS, Matlab
Apply here

Under Armour is hiring a 'Sr. Data Analytics Engineer'
Location: Baltimore
Tags: Snowflake, Tableau, DBT, GitHub, Python
Apply here

GitHub is hiring a 'Senior Data Scientist '
Location: Remote
Tags: Azure, AWS, GCP, SQL
Apply here

Shopify is hiring a ' Senior Data Engineer'
Location: Remote
Tags: Spark, Presto, DBT,  Flink, Beam
Apply here

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