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MDS Newsletter #17

MDS Newsletter #17

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In this edition of the MDS newsletter, we'll take you through this week's featured tools, some good resources to update you, funding news, upcoming data events, data engineering jobs & more.

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Here are this week's featured companies from the Modern Data Stack.

  • Noteable is a collaborative notebook platform that enables teams to use and visualize data, together.

    It offers a cloud-based, collaborative, and secure notebook solution with enterprise-ready features including a large set of flexible deployment options. Its modern UI with native SQL support and no-code visualizations empowers non-traditional users to work with data in new ways.

    Headquartered in San Francisco, California, US, Noteable was founded in 2020.

    Noteable has raised a total of $24M in two funding rounds. The latest $21M Series-A round of funding was raised was in November 2021.
  • Panoply is the easiest way to sync, store, and access all your business data. Get a data warehouse with built-in ETL for one transparent price. It's easy-to-use, low-maintenance solution unlocks sophisticated analytics without complex data engineering.

    Headquartered in San Francisco, California, US, Panoply was founded in 2015.

    Panoply has raised a total of $24.3M in funding. The latest round was the Series-B round in 2020.

Good reads & resources

Keep pace with the latest developments in the modern data stack. Always be learning!

  • Auto-Diagnosis and Remediation in Netflix Data Platform: Netflix has developed an auto-diagnosis & remediation system called "Pensive" to be proactive in handling the failed workloads in the production environment that can slow down the teams. The pensive infrastructure consists of two individual systems to support batch and streaming workloads. In this blog, Vikram Srivastava and Marcelo Mayworm share how these two individual systems perform auto-diagnosis and remediation across our Big Data Platform and Real-time infrastructure of Netflix.
  • Building an End-to-End Open-Source Modern Data Platform: In this article, Mahdi Karabiben has shared a detailed guide to help you navigate the modern data stack and build your own platform using open-source technologies.
  • The Future of the Modern Data Stack in 2022: Many say 2021 was a great year for data space. So many trends with so much hype on data twitter. But which of these trends will stay & which will disappear in 2022? In this article, Prukalpa has talked about 6 ideas that exploded in 2021 and are here to stay & grow in 2022 - Data Mesh, Metrics Layer, Reverse ETL, Active Metadata & Third-gen Data Catalogs, Data Teams as Product Teams, and Data Observability.
  • Data Mesh topologies: Organizations are moving away from working in tightly coupled data interfaces & data flows towards an architecture that allows them to treat data as a product and able them to handle data pipelines for each of these data domains separately. Based on different nuances and considerations that come with this paradigm shift, different data mesh topologies can be used.
    In this article, Piethein Strengholt has shared different Design considerations for building a data mesh architecture.
  • Creating a better dashboard with Python, Dash, and Plotly: In this article, Brad Bartram has shared a walkthrough to get you started with whipping up dashboards easily using python.
  • Datacast podcast: Analytics Culture, Digital Contracting, and Data Angels: In this episode, Jessica Cherny walks through her journey at Ironclad. How she build a data analytics culture at Ironclad from the ground up, talked about her community playbook to engage the members of Data Angels, and much more.

Latest funding news

The latest happenings in the VC world for data stack companies.


Data collaboration startup Observable raised $35.6M in funding!

Observable helps everyone make sense of the world with data. It is a place to create, collaborate, and learn with data.

This $35.6 million funding round was led by Menlo Ventures along with participation from Sequoia Capital and Acrew Capital. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, US, Observable has raised a total of $46.1 million in funding to date.

Upcoming data stack events & webinars

Upcoming conferences, summits, and webinars for you. Start networking!

  • Ataccama is hosting a digital conference on 'AI-Powered Data Management & Governance' on 20th Jan 2022!

    Join in to discuss techniques, examples and insights to help you embrace the future of data governance for your organization. Register here
  • IsraelClouds is organising 'AI & Data virtual Summit' on 24 & 25th Jan 2022

    The summit will provide the opportunity to present the most advanced technologies and solutions in the fields of DATA & AI. The event will also help in building a good network in Israel's Data industry. Register here

MDS Jobs

  • LeadIQ is hiring a 'Director of Business Intelligence & Data'
    Location: San Francisco Or Remote
    Tags: Mixpanel, DBT, Stitch, Hightouch
    Apply here
  • Quest Analytics is hiring a 'Data Quality Assurance Analyst'
    Location: US
    Tags: Databricks, Spark, SQL
    Apply here
  • Koho is hiring a 'Senior Data Engineer'
    Location: Canada
    Tags: Glue, Redshift, Lambda, Airflow
    Apply here
  • Tucows is hiring a 'Data Engineering Manager'
    Location: Remote, Toronto, ON
    Tags: Postgres, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Kafka
    Apply here
  • Shippo is hiring a 'Business Intelligence Data Engineer'
    Location: San Francisco, Austin or Remote
    Tags: Looker, Tableau, ETL, SQL
    Apply here
  • Jodel is hiring a 'Senior Data Engineer'
    Location: Berlin
    Tags: Kinesis, Glue, S3, Redshift, Athena
    Apply here

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