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MDS Newsletter #18

MDS Newsletter #18

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Let's jump into this week's edition.

Here are this week's featured companies from the Modern Data Stack.

  • Acceldata is a Data Observability Cloud that provides on-demand operational intelligence to support embedded AI and analytics data workloads.

    It has created a Multidimensional Data Observability Cloud, helping data-driven enterprises achieve operational excellence, innovation agility, and higher returns on data investment.

    Headquartered in San Jose, California, United States, Acceldata was founded in 2018.

    Acceldata has raised a total of $45.6M in funding over3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Sep 28, 2021, from a Series B round.
  • Metaphor is a search and discovery tool built for data scientists, data engineers, and AI practitioners. It aims to help all organizations better understand and manage their data through the power of the metadata knowledge graph.

    Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, Metaphor was founded in 2020.

    Metaphor has raised a total of $5.3M to date in a Seed funding round that happened in 2020.

Good reads & resources

Keep pace with the latest developments in the modern data stack. Always be learning!

  • Data Analytics Marathon: Why Your Organization Must Focus On The Finish: By comparing Data Analytics to Marathons, Brent Dykes has explained in detail how just like many marathoners compete in multiple races each year, an organization's analytics process will also go through several cycles as business priorities shift and evolve. He also explained the "Six" key stages/milestones of the "Analytics Marathon" & ways to succeed in the "Last Mile Of Analytics".
  • The future history of Data Engineering: The data toolkit is evolving & getting better with each passing year, and so does the roles in the data engineering space. In this article, Matt Arderne has shared his viewpoints on what the near future for Data Engineers and their place in a Data SaaS world looks like.
  • Building an Analytics API with GraphQL: The Next Level of Data Engineering?: The struggle of having one performant, secure, and reliable data endpoint is real. Especially to select the exact metric and dimension with the correct number everybody agrees on, right? In this article, Simon Späti has shared how to solve this with the help of building an Analytics API with GraphQL. He also talked about various challenges data teams face while building Analytics API and how GraphQL solves these problems.
  • Now’s the time to tackle Data Ownership: The growing awareness & adoption of data tools & best data practices has led to a shift in the data industry. This shift has helped data professionals to become more efficient in extracting the best possible value out of business data. But all this can only take us so far. Data ownership & setting predefined expectations from these data owners can really help to mitigate confusion, frustration, and finger-pointing between teams. In this article, Maggie Hays shares some ideas on how to approach Data Ownership within your organization, why does it matter? and how you can get started?
  • How to Build a Dream Team Around Data: Organizations are making a fundamental shift in how they think about data, as the modern data value chain evolves. And at the same time, they need to make a shift in how they build data teams around data. In this article, Jesse Anderson has discussed how to build a dream team around data within an organization.

Latest funding news

The latest happenings in the VC world for data stack companies.

  • Prophecy_io raises $25M in a Series-A round of funding!

    Prophecy.io is a low-code data engineering platform, democratizing the development and deployment of high-quality data pipelines.

    This round of funding was led by Insight Partners. Existing investors Signal Fire and Sky Deck also participated in this round. Read the full news here
  • Polar Security raises $8.5M in a seed funding round!

    Polar security automates cloud data security & compliance - wherever your sensitive data is, however fast developers create it.

    This round of funding was led by Glilot Capital Partners. A number of angel investors also took part including Tim Belcher, Ann Johnson, and Tom Noonan. Read the full news here.
  • Coalesce announces its $5.92M seed funding round!

    Coalesce simplifies the modelling, cleansing, governance, and documentation of data by bringing never-before-seen efficiency and flexibility to the analytics landscape.

    This seed funding was led by 11.2 Capital and GreatPoint Ventures  Read here.

Upcoming data stack events & webinars

Upcoming conferences, summits, and webinars for you. Start networking!

  • Chief Data and Analytics Officer Exchange is organising an event on  ' The Global CDAO: Driving a Global D&A Strategy' from January 30 - February 01, 2022.

    The event will help you to connect with Data and Analytics leaders from around the globe and learn about the complex data problems they have solved. Hear the dialogue on key topic areas that are impacting data roles today and learn how your peers are tackling the challenges.

    Register here.
  • Atlan is hosting a roundtable on ' Modern Data Stack in 2022: Key Trends to Look Out for This Year'  on February 03, 2022, @ 9:30 am EST.

    Join the discussion to learn about how was the year 2021 for Modern Data Stack and the key trends that will shape MDS space in 2022.

    Register here.

MDS Jobs

  • Ascend  is hiring a 'Field Data Engineer'
    Location: Remote
    Stack:  Athena, EMR, Redshift, S3, BigQuery, GCP.
    Apply here.
  • Patreon is hiring a 'Senior Database Reliability Engineer'
    Location: Remote
    Stack: AWS, Linux.
    Apply here.
  • Yelp is hiring a 'Business Intelligence Analyst'
    Location: Remote
    Stack: Tableau
    Apply here.
  • knock is hiring a 'Director, Data & Analytics'
    Location: Houston, TX
    Stack: Snowflake, Tableau
    Apply here.
  • heap is hiring a 'Senior Analytics Engineer'
    Location: Remote
    Stack:  Snowflake, Fivetran, dbt.
    Apply here.

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