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MDS Newsletter #59

MDS Newsletter #59

In this week's newsletter, find everything that you need to know about Headless BI from the Head of Developer Relations at Cube, what made Spotify shift from Luigi to Flyte and the future of real-time data systems - a recap from the Current'22 conference.

The Modern Data Show

S01 E09 What the heck is Headless BI with Igor Lukanin, Head of Developer Relations at Cube: Headless BI is one of the new and emerging categories of the Modern Data Stack. Although the concept of Headless has existed for quite a long time in terms of Headless CMS, why is there a need for a Headless BI tool? Why should anyone care about Headless BI? To answer these questions and all the other technical complexities around Headless BI we have Igor Lukanin from Cube - a Headless BI solution for building data apps. Listen Now👇

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  • Transform is a platform that enables data conversations and data collaboration. It is designed to address the gaps in data knowledge felt across the business, so that organizations can build context and insights around data, together.

    Transform has raised a total of $24.5M in funding over 2 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Jan 19, 2021 from a Series A round.
  • Savant is an all-in-one platform to connect data and automate repetitive tasks. Savant's analytics automation platform is designed to be simple, inclusive and holistic.
  • sevDesk supports you with your bookkeeping and your tasks as an entrepreneur. Manage your customers and suppliers, write and send offers and invoices and keep an eye on your finances. Self-employed entrepreneurs from over 100 industries rely on sevDesk for their invoicing & accounting.

Good reads and resources

  • Why Spotify moved from Luigi to Flyte to power their 20,000+ daily workflows: Scheduling, orchestration and deployment of all data pipelines at Spotify have relied on a tool called Luigi which served them well for several years and has been widely adopted as a workflow orchestration standard in the data engineering community. In recent years, however, Spotify has identified areas of improvement where Luigi was struggling to meet the company’s large-scale orchestration demands. To stay competitive, it’s increasingly important for Spotify to have tooling that can stay fast and scalable while the organization is growing. After evaluating different alternatives to Luigi for about a year, Spotify decided to go with Flyte. This article was summarized by Emil Bring, based on a presentation by Sonja Ericsson from Spotify at a Heroes of Data meetup in September 2022.
  • Future of Real-time Data Systems: A Recap of Current’22: The field of real-time data systems has gradually transformed from being used by technology giants on a small scale to being used by the general public. Many real-time data systems startups are now trying to prove that users also need to do computations on real-time data. These startups in this wave have different entry points, from real-time APIs to real-time analytical databases to streaming databases. In this article, Yingjun Wu gives a comprehensive overview of the entrepreneurial development direction in the field of real-time data systems.

MDS Journal

  • Storytellers and System Builders: Over the years along with the explosion of tools in the Modern Data Stack, data job titles have also gotten hilariously complicated and confusing and dozens of other titles floating around. Historically, the lines between these roles were mostly drawn based on how “technical” you were—how well you could code. But in the modern data world, there are Python people putting together charts and analyses, and SQL people building complex data pipelines. As Morgan Krey set out to build his own internal data team, he found that there are really only two data roles: System Builders and Storytellers. All of the other titles, from Data Scientist to Analytics Engineer, are really just variations of these same two themes.

Upcoming data events and summit

  • Altinity hosting an OSA Con 2022 – The Open Source Analytics Conference – is a free, single-day online conference scheduled for Tuesday 15 November. Join to the conference to navigate the changing landscape of open source, public clouds, and analytics.

MDS Jobs

  • Paladin is hiring a 'Head of Data & Analytics Engineering'
    Location: Remote (USA)
    Stack: dbt, Redshift, Segment
    Apply here
  • Betterhelp is hiring a 'BI & Analytics Engineer'
    Location: Remote (USA)
    Stack: dbt, Snowflake, Airflow, Looker
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  • Takeda is hiring a ' Data Platform Engineer'
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts
    Stack: Databricks and Tableau
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