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MDS Newsletter #87

MDS Newsletter #87

🎯 Embark on a mesmerizing journey into the data realm, where each bit and byte has the potential to unveil unprecedented insights. In this latest edition of the MDS Newsletter, we proudly present our new podcast episode featuring the Director of Data and Analytics at Zalando, a trailblazing fashion company. Gain exclusive insights into the cutting-edge strategies and groundbreaking technologies that fuel Zalando's data-driven success.

And there's more! The Rocketship Awards, our highly anticipated celebration of exceptional data achievements is drawing closer to completion. The buzz in the community is palpable, with companies and founders flooding the digital landscape, proudly proclaiming their well-deserved victory in securing the award.

Join us on this captivating journey, where the possibilities are infinite. πŸ‘‡

Modern Data Show S02 E13

S02 E13: Building a Data-Driven Fashion Empire: The Zalando Data Foundation Story with Dr. Alexander Borek, Director of Data and Analytics at Zalando: Step into the world of Zalando, Europe's leading online fashion retailer, where data drives innovation and enhances the customer experience. In this episode, join us as we interview Dr. Alexander Borek, the brilliant mind behind Zalando's data and analytics strategy. Discover how Dr. Borek and his team have revolutionized the company's approach to data by implementing the cutting-edge concept of data mesh. Learn how Zalando successfully strikes the perfect balance between decentralization and structure, unleashing the full potential of data while maintaining collaboration with various business units. Dr. Borek also unveils the secrets to leveraging data for innovation and value creation in the dynamic world of online fashion.

You can listen to this episode on Spotify, Google Podcast, YouTube, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music

  • Lago: Lago provides an open-source metering and usage-based billing tool. Their tool offers a self-hosted, scalable, and modular architecture, which addresses the challenges faced by companies in metering and billing processes. Lago's tool aims to streamline and improve the metering and billing experience for companies, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.
  • Onehouse: Onehouse offers a cloud-native managed lakehouse service, built on Apache Hudi. Their tool provides a solid foundation for data management by combining the ease of use of a warehouse with the scalability of a data lake. Onehouse automates various data tasks, such as clustering, caching, compaction, and metadata scaling, using proven lakehouse technologies. It ensures interoperability and openness with data services, preventing vendor lock-in. Additionally, it caters to both business intelligence (BI) and artificial intelligence (AI) needs, offering a future-proof architecture that scales seamlessly. This scalability leads to significant cost savings due to improved performance.
  • Gamechanger: It is a cutting-edge company that revolutionizes the world of gaming by providing a comprehensive platform for users to effortlessly stream their games, capture exhilarating moments, and engage with their fan base. With their user-friendly app, individuals and organizations can easily bring their games to a global audience through free live streaming using a smartphone or external camera. With its emphasis on accessibility, convenience, and an immersive sports experience, Gamechanger stands out as the ultimate choice for connecting with fans and sharing the thrill of gaming.

    Here are the data tools of Gamechanger:

Good reads and resources

  • You Don't Need Data Domains... Yet; Demystifying data mesh domains: In today's data-driven world, the concept of data domains has gained significant attention. These domains are seen as a way to partition data into meaningful groups, facilitating ownership and enabling better data discovery. However, as Louise, a seasoned writer in the field, delves into the subject, she proposes that there might be simpler alternatives to achieve these objectives. Louise suggests that team-based and source-based data partitioning can be highly effective in achieving ownership and discovery goals, without the need for complex data domains. By grouping data according to teams, organizations can assign clear ownership and accountability, while partitioning based on sources improves the data discovery process. While acknowledging that data domains may be necessary for complex organizations, Louise advocates for starting with familiar concepts and gradually introducing complexity when needed. The key takeaway is to prioritize simplicity in data management, providing a framework that empowers teams to work more effectively with their data.
  • Architecting Data Warehousing Solutions with Snowflake: The importance of defining requirements, designing a data model, creating a data warehouse, loading data, analyzing data, and optimizing the data warehouse is highlighted in this article written by Pooja. She delves into the two patterns for designing a data warehouse on Snowflake: ETL and ELT. She also explores various aspects like source integrations, engineering loads, consumer integrations, data security and protection, operations and usage management, and alerting and error handling. Pooja emphasizes Snowflake's key features, including unlimited scaling and concurrency, fast auto-scaling, near-zero administration, and ANSI SQL support. As a comprehensive resource, this article is invaluable for architects seeking to harness Snowflake for their data warehousing solutions.

Upcoming data events, summits and webinars

  • Save the date for the 15th annual Budapest Data Forum, an international data architecture and data engineering conference, taking place on
    πŸ“… Date: June 5-8
    πŸ“ Venue: Danubius Hotel Helia, Budapest
    This year, the event is co-hosted with the Budapest ML Forum, offering four exciting days filled with data science and data engineering tutorials, tech talks, case studies, and roundtables. Immerse yourself in Budapest's charm as you explore the city's iconic sights, rejuvenate in its renowned thermal baths, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of its legendary pubs. Register for the event for an exceptional gathering of data professionals and enthusiasts from around the world, where you'll discover the latest industry trends, exchange knowledge with experts, and create unforgettable memories. Don't miss your chance to be part of this unique event!
  • TimeXtender is organising DATANOVA 2023 where technical sessions, expert presentations and social events will provide an inspiring day for everyone with a passion for data.
    πŸ“… Date: 31st May 2023
    ⏰ Time: 8.45 – 16.00
    πŸ“Venue: Bremen Teater, Copenhagen Denmark
    Register for the event here.

MDS Jobs

  • Altium is hiring Lead Data Engineer
    Location: United Kingdom (Remote)
    Stack: Snowflake, Python, SQL
    Apply here
  • Thoropass is hiring Senior Data Engineer
    Location: LatAm (Remote)
    Stack: Tableau, Apache Airflow, SQL, Looker
    Apply here
  • UnionAll is hiring Senior Data Engineer
    Location: Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden (On-site)
    Stack: Snowflake, dbt, Airflow, Python, Azure, Sifflet
    Apply here

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