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MDS Newsletter #95

MDS Newsletter #95

Are you ready to leave outdated data management technologies behind? We've got an insightful article on the extinction of enterprise data warehousing exploring the evolution of modern data stacks. Say goodbye to cumbersome data warehousing practices and hello to cutting-edge, agile technologies that will surely elevate your data strategy game. Read below!

  • DATUUM: DATUUM addresses the difficulty of consolidating data from multiple sources, offering a no-code AI platform. Their intelligent system provides access to APIs, databases, spreadsheets, and structured/unstructured data. The AI engine detects and transforms data elements, ensuring accurate mapping to the target model.
  • Querybook: Querybook is a tool for creating, discovering, and sharing data analyses, queries, and tables for Big Data. It has features for organizing analyses with text and charts, composing queries with autocompletion and hovering, and live collaboration. Users can add documentation, get lineage and analytics, and make working with queries and analyses easy. The website also offers the ability to create charts, write dynamic generated queries, and schedule updates.
  • Capdesk: It is a European company that specializes in end-to-end equity management. Their platform simplifies equity management processes of companies by digitizing the cap table, managing share plans, and offering company valuations all under one system. Capdesk provides a dynamic and agile cap table that allows businesses to plan for the future by viewing fully diluted ownership, drafting complex fundraising rounds, and running waterfall scenarios. Additionally, the platform allows for the issuance, signing, and exercising of options and warrants while allowing shareholders to monitor their equity positions and manage employee share schemes online.

    Here are the data tools of Capdesk:

Good reads and resources

  • The Extinction of Enterprise Data Warehousing: "Enterprise data warehousing (EDW) is becoming extinct," argues the author Piethein Strengholt. He explains that EDW has become too complex and costly to maintain and that newer technologies such as cloud-based data platforms offer greater flexibility and scalability. Piethein highlights the benefits of cloud-based data platforms, including reduced costs, improved data accessibility, and faster time-to-insight. He concludes by recommending that organizations transition from EDW to modern data architecture to stay competitive. Piethein is an expert in data management and has around 20 years of experience in the field.
  • Data Contracts in the Modern Data Stack: Data Contracts in the Modern Data StackThe concept of data contracts and their relevance in the modern data stack are explored in the informative article. The piece delves into the importance of data contracts, which act as guidelines or rules in regulating the format, structure, and content of data exchanged between different components in a data pipeline. Zachary Klein, the author of this article explains the significance of data contracts in ensuring data quality, consistency, and increasing the efficiency of managing data pipelines with several components. Several tools and technologies that can enforce data contracts are highlighted, including schema registries, data validation libraries, and API gateways. Zachery emphasizes the relevance of implementing data contracts in today's complex data environments for organizations to obtain maximum value from their data.

Upcoming data events, summits and webinars

  • Looking for a free and easy way to level up your MDS data knowledge this summer? Register for ConCensus 2023, a two-day virtual marketing and data conference hosted by Census, a premier data activation platform. The event scheduled for July 25 and 26, features top marketing and data experts in the industry from Fivetran, GlossGenius, Google, Snowflake, Sonos, Notion, Mode, Braze, Webflow, Demandbase, MasterClass, and more. This event aims to provide insights and help attendees remain ahead in the constantly evolving data and marketing landscapes. Registration is open and can be done here.
  • The New Zealand Government is hosting a free 1-day summit on 26th July 2023. It is a summit for public sector employees. The Data, Digital and Security Summit is a prime opportunity for individuals involved in the public sector to participate in insightful discussions about cloud technology, artificial intelligence, cyber security, digital skills, and more. This summit is a must-attend event for public sector employees who want to remain up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in digital technology and security. Secure your spot today!

MDS Jobs

  • DailyPay is hiring Senior Data Analytics Engineer
    Location: New York, NY (Hybrid)
    Stack: SQL, Tableau, Looker, Fivetran,
    Apply here
  • Intercom is hiring Senior Manager, Analytics Engineering
    Location: San Francisco (Hybrid, 2 days a week)
    Stack: dbt, Snowflake, AWS, Python
    Apply here
  • Algolia is hiring Senior Analytics Engineer
    Location: UK (Hybrid-remote)
    Stack: dbt, Hex, Redshift, Atlan, Airflow
    Apply here

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