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MDS Newsletter #97

MDS Newsletter #97

Are you ready to compare Kafka and Spark to choose the right streaming platform for your business? Jump right in to find an event that will demystify the differences between the two! Discover even more in this edition including an extraordinary job opportunity at Playstation, awaiting the perfect candidate to join their legendary team. How cool is that?
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  • Rivery.io: Rivery is a serverless, SaaS DataOps platform designed to simplify data management for companies worldwide. It offers support for over 180 fully managed data sources and major data warehouses, allowing modern data teams to effortlessly build, manage, and monitor pipelines and workflows. Additionally, Rivery provides pre-built Kits to streamline common use cases with one-click installations of pipelines, transformation logic, and SQL scripts.

    Rivery.io has raised a total of $52.5M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on May 25, 2022, from a Series B round.
  • Octolis: It empowers businesses and data teams by providing them with the ability to synchronize internal customer data seamlessly across various business systems. Through their platform, users can easily combine data from any cloud application, database, or file repository, and enhance it by adding computed fields and scores. Octolis ensures real-time synchronization with popular business tools like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Intercom, making it the ideal solution for creating the perfect customer database and managing a scalable data infrastructure for analytics and operations.
  • Craft: Craft is a supplier intelligence company that specializes in assisting organizations to make data-informed business decisions at an accelerated pace. They offer a unique, proprietary data platform that empowers supply chain and procurement professionals to efficiently discover, evaluate, and monitor suppliers worldwide. With the capability to track thousands of real-time signals across millions of companies, Craft enables businesses to create stronger supply chain resilience.

    Here are the data tools of Craft:

Good reads and resources

  • Delta Lake for Beginners: Data Lake + Data Warehouse And More: Struggling with big data reliability and performance? Delta Lake might be the solution you need. Sai Parvathaneni breaks down the basics in this must-read article. He discusses the challenges faced by organizations when dealing with big data and how Delta Lake addresses these challenges through its ACID transactions, schema enforcement, and versioning capabilities. Sai also compares Delta Lake with other storage systems, such as data lakes and data warehouses, and explains how it fits in modern big data architectures. Overall, he provides a comprehensive introduction to Delta Lake and its features for beginners.
  • Data Warehouse: Fact and Dimension Table: Did you know that data warehousing involves storing vast volumes of data in a way that can be easily analyzed for making informed decisions? Discover the fascinating world of fact and dimension tables in this article by Kalpesh Pawar. He explains the concept of data warehousing and the essential components involved in it. Data warehousing involves storing large volumes of data from various sources in a format that can easily be analyzed for making informed decisions. He describes the fundamental units of a data warehouse: the fact table and the dimension table. Overall, Kalpesh provides a good understanding of the basic concepts involved in data warehousing, particularly the role of fact and dimension tables.

Upcoming data events, summits and webinars

  • Join the "Kafka vs. Spark: Choosing the right streaming platform for your business" webinar by DoubleCloud on August 30 at 13:30 IST / 16:00 SGT to explore the significant impact that choosing between Apache Kafka and Apache Spark can have on your business. Tailored for data engineers, architects, and business leaders, this session will demystify the differences between Kafka and Spark, present real-world use cases, and equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. Don't miss this opportunity to secure your spot and unlock the keys to data streaming success. Register here.
  • CDAO Chicago by Corinium Intelligence, taking place on August 8-9, 2023, is a premier conference reuniting data and analytics leaders from the Midwest. The event focuses on accelerating data transformation strategies by offering curated content, specialized tracks, and interactive networking sessions. Participants can engage in round table discussions, Q&A sessions, and one-on-one meetings to solve shared problems and learn about the latest advancements in data and analytics across multiple industries. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and optimize cross-industry collaboration. Register now to secure your spot and save!

MDS Jobs

  • Carwow is hiring Lead Data Engineer
    Location: Remote (UK)
    Stack: SQL, Looker, Tableau, Power BI
    Apply here
  • PlayStation Global is hiring Lead Analytics Engineer
    Location: Hybrid - London, UK
    Stack: dbt, Airflow, AWS Glue and Spark SQL
    Apply here
  • Virgin Media O2 is hiring Senior Data Analytics Engineer
    Location: London, Manchester
    Stack: dbt, Bigquery, Looker, Python
    Apply here

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