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MDS Newsletter #9

MDS Newsletter #9

Hi All👋

We are here with the 9th edition of the MDS newsletter series.

In this edition, we'll take you through this week's featured category - "Data Apps", featured tools, some good resources, funding news from data startups, data events for you to explore, and more!

We constantly get responses and suggestions from the MDS community members. So if you have any suggestions for us please feel free to contact us.

When you talk about the Modern Data Stack, you must have heard a lot of buzz around categories like ETL, Reverse ETL, PLG CRM, Data Mesh, etc.

But, there is still an area that is not often discussed, yet has a lot of potential -"Analytical Apps", also called "Data Apps".

Here's an amazing article and tweet thread on "Data Apps" by Seth Rosen: Co-founder & CEO at TopCoat

Here are this week's featured companies from the Modern Data Stack.

Preset is a Business Intelligence platform that allows unlocking valuable insights with beautiful and interactive visualizations and dashboards, emphasizing data-driven decisions.

Hyperquery is a data collaborative workspace/platform combining all docs, queries, data, and visualizations in one place. It answers questions through SQL queries instead of creating a dashboard.

Good reads and videos

Keep pace with the latest developments in the modern data stack. Always be learning!

Ronald Ángel: Data Engineering builds and optimizes the data flow of an organization via data pipelines. Every data-driven organization aims to improve their data engineering practices to become more efficient. Check out this article to take a peek into how Miro leverages Agile concepts to drive data engineering projects. Here's the full article: Agile Data Engineering at Miro

Alex Vikati: In the last decade tools like DataDog, New Relic has done wonders in the infrastructure and application monitoring domain. Keeping an eye on these is important to ensure things work smoothly. Same goes with data. Data is valuable and ensuring its quality & health can save a lot of that value. The new age data monitoring tools aims to do just that. In her article, Alex has briefly discussed the rise of data monitoring. Here's the full article: The Rise of Data Monitoring

Prukalpa: The world is progressively moving towards becoming data driven. Companies all over the world are investing in data stragies religiously. However, figuring out a data strategy is a tough game. In this article, Prukalpa has briefly discussed the framework she devised to figure out data strategy. Here's the full article: Data Advantage Matrix: A New Way to Think About Data Strategy

Benjamin Rogojan(SeattleDataGuy): In this article, Benjamin has discussed ELTs and how they compare to ETLs, and why ELTs have become such a disruptive force in the data market. Here's the full article: ETLs vs ELTs: Why are ELTs Disrupting the Data Market?

Data Engineering Podcast: In this episode Ori Rafael shares his experiences from Upsolver and building scalable stream processing for integrating and analyzing data, and what the tradeoffs are when coming from a batch oriented mindset. Here's the link to the full episode: Exploring Processing Patterns For Streaming Data Integration In Your Data Lake

DJ Patil & Barr Moses: Watch DJ Patil & Barr Moses discuss the early days of “data science,” the renewed focus on data reliability in the wake of COVID-19, and what most excites him about the future of our industry. Here's the link to the video: The Decade of Data: The evolving role of data in the age of COVID-19—and beyond.

Latest funding news

The latest happenings in the VC world for data stack companies.

Noteable raises $21 million in Series A funding!

Noteable is a no-code data visualization notebook platform that enables teams to simultaneously use and visualize data. This round of funding was led by Bain Capital Ventures. Here is the announcement.

Hightouch bags $40M At A $450M Valuation!

This round  was led by ICONIQ Growth followed by the participation of Amplify, Bain Capital Venture, YC Ventures, and Afore. Here is the news.

Mixpanel scores $200M at a $1.05B valuation in Series C after 7 years of last venture funding!

This series of funding was led by Bain Capital Tech Opportunities. Here is the news.

Upcoming data stack events & webinars

Upcoming conferences, summits, and webinars for you. Start networking!

Data Science Festival is organizing a data event live in London!

The live event will be on 27th Nov with over 600 attendees & 40 top tech speakers.

Here is the link to register: Live

The 2nd Big Data & Analytics West Summit is going to be held on Wednesday, December 1st – Thursday, December 2nd, 2021!

This conference will include discussions on how to create a magnificent data governance program, enhance data learnings throughout your organization, and secure senior management buy-in for your future upgrades.

Register here for the virtual-only event.

Global Data Summit is organizing an online event 'Deliver Meaningful Data using Varigence BimlFlex' on Dec 01-Dec 02, 2021.

It will include a conversation between Varigance and Global Data Summit explaining the way structured Business Modeling, following ELM principles, makes it easy to map the modeling results to data and how it can be used to solve data integration complexities and forward-engineer the model into a fully-fledged data solution.

Register here.

What's trending on Twitter in the Data Stack world!

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