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MDS Newsletter #100


πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Yes, you read it right – we hit the big πŸ’―! First things first, a massive thank you for being with us, reading and supporting our newsletter, which has been the driving force behind our journey to this incredible milestone! πŸ˜„
In this week's release, we're taking a stroll down memory lane through the top-notch archives – from the most popular tools endorsed by the community on our MDS page to revisiting the most popular newsletter edition and podcast episode, we've got everything included.

And here's to you, our amazing readers, for making this milestone possible πŸ’™. So, let's begin:

Most Loved Tools

MDS.xyz has an ever-expanding repository of 500+ data tools that are making waves in the world of MDS. Within this lineup - Tecton, Hopsworks, Hex, and Feast stand out the most. We are glad to see these tools resonating so strongly with our community members and here's a heartfelt toast to these cherished tools, as chosen by our wonderful community! πŸ₯‚

We've rounded up the most impressive data stacks from the major players in the field. Get into the insights on the very tools that have propelled these companies on their data adventures.

  1. Canva
Canva- Modern Data Stack | Modern Data Stack
Check out the data stack of Canva.We’re a design tool that makes it possible to design anything and publish anywhere πŸ’™

2. Β L'OrΓ©al

L’OrΓ©al- Modern Data Stack | Modern Data Stack
Check out the data stack of L’OrΓ©al.World’s largest Beauty company, inventing the future of Beauty while transforming to #1 BeautyTech company of the future

3. Β Pluralsight

Pluralsight- Modern Data Stack | Modern Data Stack
Check out the data stack of Pluralsight.Pluralsight provides an online platform for programming courses. The products include assessments, analytics, role customization, professional services, and more.

Dive into the hottest podcast episode across both the seasons! Listen to this episode featuring Lauren Balik who spills the beans on the glitches in today's data stacks and reveals the three factors driving data platform costs. She also weighs the build-versus-buy dilemma, endorsing cloud-based OLAP databases for small businesses.
This episode was downloaded more than 550 times on all platforms combined, so don't wait and tune in now:

S02 E05: What’s Fundamentally Wrong with Modern Data Stack with Lauren Balik, Owner at Upright Analytics | Modern Data Stack
Lauren Balik, who runs Upright Analytics and is a leading data consultant and investor, discusses why she believes the modern data stack is flawed and the three factors that affect the cost of a data platform. Balik also compares building versus buying a data platform and recommends an OLAP database…

Consecutive Winners of the MDS RocketShip Awards

With a focus on fostering unity within the MDS community, our MDS RocketShip Award recognises the positive impact of data tools that are shaping the industry. Presenting a lineup of tools that have received this award for two consecutive years - Looker, Starburst, Streamlit, Hightouch, Hex, Snowflake, Avenue, dbt, Debezium

Know more about the MDS RocketShip Awards 2023:


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With MDS Journal we wanted to empower our community with invaluable data insights. Leading this charge is Benedetta Cittadin, our standout contributor, who has covered a range of data topics. Do give her a follow on LinkedIn and Twitter to read all her amazing write-ups.

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