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MDS Newsletter #71

MDS Newsletter #71

🎉 Data lovers unite! Get ready to experience the event of the year - the Modern Data Summit '23 hosted by Modern Data Stack on 2nd March at Huckletree in London in partnership with Cocoa Ventures🤩

The window for early bird tickets has now closed, as we have already reached 80% capacity. But don't worry! You can still get your hands on a limited number of free tickets, just follow the instructions mentioned here

So be sure to grab yours before they sell out.

Amazing companies sponsoring the Modern Data Summit'23

  • Coginiti: the collaborative intelligence company, empowers everyone to get consistent answers fast to any business question.  Their Collaborative Intelligence platform provides a unique workspace that empowers the entire organization to build, share and reuse analytics.

    Coginiti has raised a total of $4M in funding through a Seed round raised on Mar 12, 2022.
  • Snowplow: Snowplow is a behavioral data platform (BDP), that enables you to create and operationalize rich, first-party customer behavioral data to fuel advanced data-driven use cases – directly from your data warehouse or data lake in real time.

    Snowplow has raised a total of $55.2M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was a  Series B round raised on Jun 30, 2022.
  • GameChanger: GameChanger is a technology company that builds simple and powerful products for youth sports teams and their communities. Their app provides world-class access to live game action, the statistics to inform teachings and help fuel growth, and solutions that rally the community around a team.

    Here are the data tools of GameChanger:  

Good reads and resources

  • Intelligent Data Governance by Design — A Practical Example: Intelligent Data Governance refers to embedding data quality, integrity, and security controls into data processes as part of the design. This is different from traditional data governance, which is a time-consuming and costly process of discovering data systems, building data lineage, and implementing data quality controls after the systems have been implemented.

    A practical example is the customer onboarding process, where customer data is gathered and stored in a central system and used in three downstream processes: product opening, marketing, and customer management. In a traditional approach, the processes and critical data would have to be identified and controlled manually. In an intelligent approach, data capture controls are implemented at the beginning to prevent inaccurate data, data quality is managed at the source, and data usage is tracked and managed in real time.

    By Willem Koenders
  • Why data engineers should be more like software engineers: In this article, Niels Claeys talks about why data engineers should be more like software engineers. Niels explains that data products are a subset of software products where data is the primary ingredient. Data engineers need to switch from focusing on the technical solution to a product mindset and focus on how end users will use their data product and create a long-term vision. He then provides some best practices from software development that data engineers can adopt such as using CI/CD to automate deployments and writing tests. He also discusses the importance of writing tests and explains the different categories of tests that data engineers can write to improve the quality of their code.

Data startup funding news

  • Select Star Raises 15M Series A to Build the Future of Data Discovery: Select Star, a startup providing data discovery, lineage, and governance tools to most enterprise organizations, today announced that it raised $15 million in a Series A round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with participation from Bowery Capital, Sozo Ventures and Pebblebed. The fresh cash brings the company’s total raised to $20 million.

    This investment round is for the further manifestation of key benefits to their customers and partners; from working with customers more closely for their specific needs in data management, sharing best practices with their user community, and continuing to innovate Select Star’s product experience for both data teams and data consumers.

MDS Jobs

  • Education Perfect is hiring Senior Analytics Engineer
    Location: Remote
    Stack: dbt, Mode, Fivetran, Redshift
    Apply here
  • WP engine is hiring Senior Analytics Engineer
    Location: Remote
    Stack: dbt, Looker, Bigquery
    Apply here
  • Scalapay is hiring Data Engineer
    Location: Remote
    Stack: dbt, Looker, Bigquery
    Apply here

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