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MDS Newsletter #73

MDS Newsletter #73

Guess what?  The Modern Data Show is back!🎉 We are happy to announce that the second season of our podcast is launching next week. You will hear from the best data experts from different industries talking about their experiences with the modern data stack. Stay tuned!

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  • Upsolver: enables you to use familiar SQL syntax to quickly build and deploy data pipelines, powered by a stream processing engine designed for cloud data lakes.

    Upsolver has raised a total of $42M in funding over 4 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Apr 6, 2021, from a Series B round.
  • Castled: is a customer engagement platform that brings the power of data in the warehouse to the marketer. Castled periodically sync your customer data to sales, marketing, or support tools without any help from engineering teams.

    Castled Data has raised a total of $1.1M in funding over 1 round. This was a Seed round raised on Mar 31, 2022.
  • SevDesk automates accounting and frees freelancers and small businesses from tedious paperwork with their intuitive cloud software. This gives their customers more time and space to do what they love. They value flexibility, trust, and self-organization.

    Here are the data tools of Sevdesk:

Good reads and resources

  • Open-source Data Tools will provide a way out of your overpriced cloud tools: The article is written by Wesley Nitikromo who talks about how open-source data tools can provide a cost-effective alternative to expensive proprietary tools for businesses. Open-source tools offer benefits such as increased flexibility, collaboration, security, and long-term sustainability. Wesley also explores the challenges businesses may face when maintaining cloud data infrastructure, such as complexity, cost, security, compliance, integration, and performance. Wesley suggests that hiring more engineers to run and manage data infrastructure, using a single SaaS solution that encapsulates multiple open-source data tools, or having a managed service at the PaaS level are some of the options businesses can consider adapting their data infrastructure to open-source. He concludes by advocating for harnessing the power of open-source innovation for data efforts.
  • Architecture Review: Dagster vs. Airflow: In this article, written by Michael Guarino, the two popular solutions for data orchestration - Airflow and Dagster - are compared against each other. Data orchestration tools are used to ensure jobs are executed on schedule only after satisfying a set of dependencies. These tools manage connection secrets and job inputs and outputs and provide a visual interface to visualize all work flowing through the system. Airflow, a tool that has been the industry standard since 2014, is showing its age due to its monolithic architecture, rampant legacy code, and aging interface. Dagster, on the other hand, is a recently created open-source project with a modern cloud-native design in mind. It has a modular architecture, a slick interface, and a decent SDK in which to write DAGs. Although Dagster is comparatively a new tool, it has a bright future in data orchestration, as the author believes that Airflow's significant existing codebase makes it stay in the market despite its flaws.

Upcoming data events, webinars, and summits

  • Join the physical event "Modern Data Summit '23" on 2nd March at Huckletree Shoreditch, London UK on 2nd March from 4 pm to 9 pm GMT hosted by moderndatastack. xyz in partnership with Cocoa. Join us for learning, networking, and discovery as we explore the future of data together.

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  • Join the "Data Careers Summit" on February 24th, 2023 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM CST and take guidance from the globally recognized speaker. It helps individuals break into and move up in the data & analytics fields. The focus of this event will be on helping individuals navigate the many career paths available, such as data analytics, data science, and data engineering.

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MDS Jobs

  • Credera is hiring Senior Architect - Data Engineering
    Location: New York City
    Stack: will vary by client project
    Apply here
  • Sigma is hiring Senior Analytics Engineer
    Location: San Francisco / New York City, US
    Stack: Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, Hightouch
    Apply here
  • Mass General Brigham is hiring Senior Data Analyst
    Location: Remote
    Stack: Azure, AWS, Snowflake
    Apply here

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