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MDS Newsletter #85

MDS Newsletter #85

Hold on to your seats, folks - we're just getting started! We've already announced 9 Rocketship Award winners, but guess what? We're not even close to being done yet. We're about to blast off with the next 21 winners and the excitement in the community is through the roof. Founders and companies are all on board and can't wait to see who takes home the coveted Rocketship award in their category.

But wait, there's more! We've got a sizzling new podcast featuring Tejas Manohar from Hightouch, and let me tell you, it's a must-listen for any data heads out there.

And as always, we've got loads of juicy content on the go - insightful articles, amazing summits happening next week, you name it. So let's cut to the chase and take a quick peek at some of the winners we've announced so far:

Modern Data Show S02 E11

S02 E11: The Reverse ETL Revolution: Overcoming Challenges in Syncing Live Data to SaaS Tools with Tejas Manohar, Co-founder and Co-CEO at Hightouch: Find Tejas Manohar sharing his journey from developing games at a young age to becoming the  Co-founder and CEO at Hightouch. He provided valuable insights into Hightouch's internal connector framework, which automatically performs tasks like change data capture and batching, as well as providing methods to send rows that may need to be retried in future syncs. He also talked about Hightouch's two new products and the future of reverse ETL.

You can listen to this episode on Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and Amazon Music

  • Cdata: The Universal Data Connectivity Platform offered by CData is a connectivity solution that simplifies data connectivity and enables seamless real-time integration of data across an organization's entire tech stack. With broad access to more than 250 enterprise data sources and counting, CData's data connectivity solutions eliminate data silos and break down barriers to better integration and insights, enabling self-service data analytics and integration.
  • Piiano: It offers simple APIs for data security and compliance, providing organizations with complete data protection in a matter of days. Piiano's approach helps to reduce the risk of privacy exposure, particularly in the event of a breach. With Piiano, organizations can create a culture and infrastructure of privacy and security, govern PII interactions with advanced policy controls and encryption, and future-proof their enterprise to comply with any privacy regulation.
  • InVision: InVision's Freehand is an all-in-one online whiteboard that enables teams to brainstorm, plan, and collaborate in real-time or asynchronously. With powerful integrations, Freehand can seamlessly connect to the tools your team uses every day. The solution is scalable, offering one price for the entire team, ensuring everyone has a seat at the table. Freehand includes pre-built templates, organized spaces for project management, and interactive widgets and reactions to centralize your workflow and ensure alignment at every stage of the process.

    Here are the data tools of Invision:

Good reads and resources

  • PayPal open sources its data contract template: On this international worker's day, while most people are taking the day off, the PayPal team has been tirelessly working on Data Mesh. Jean-Georges Perrin, the author of this article, reports that PayPal's team has just released a data contract template under an Apache 2 license. A data contract is a binding agreement between consumers and producers of data, like a data schema but with more details. The contract can include several sections, such as demographics, data quality, pricing, and stakeholders. This version is easily readable by both humans and software, and it's available on PayPal's open-source GitHub. Jean highlights that by releasing this template, PayPal demonstrates its leadership in modern data engineering. As an open-source project, PayPal's data contract team welcomes feedback and contributions from interested parties.
  • Understand Data Products and Data Product Management: In today's data-driven world, businesses are seeking new solutions and applications that can help them solve specific problems and meet their needs. This has given rise to a new role known as the data product manager (DPM). Anuj Agarwal, the author of this article, explains that DPMs are responsible for overseeing the development, management, and success of data products within an organization. They work at the intersection of data, technology, and business, acting as a bridge between the data science team and business stakeholders. To excel in this role, individuals must develop a unique skill set that combines data expertise, technical knowledge, and business acumen. While there are some similarities between DPMs and traditional product managers, Anuj highlights the key differences between the two roles, including focus, technical expertise, collaboration, and decision-making. As for the essential tools required for a successful DPM, Anuj lists data analysis and visualization tools, programming languages, machine learning frameworks, big data technologies, project management tools, and collaboration and communication tools.

Upcoming data events, summits and webinars

  • Join the AI & Big Data Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California on May 17-18, 2023. With a focus on delivering AI and big data for a smarter future, this in-person event offers the latest insights, innovations, and strategies for ambitious enterprise technology professionals.

    Get your tickets now for the 2023 North America edition of the AI & Big Data Expo in Santa Clara, CA.
  • The future of software architecture is here, and it's all about data streaming. Join the Apache Kafka community at Kafka Summit London 2023, organised by Confluent and discover the latest trends and best practices in real-time processing.

    Learn from the experts, connect with peers, and explore the future of streaming technologies. Don't miss out on this premier event, scheduled to be hosted in-person in London, May 16-17 2023. Register now and be part of the revolution transforming industries and the business of software development.

MDS Jobs

  • Galileo is hiring Data Analyst IV (Specialist)
    Location: New York City or Remote
    Stack: Redshift, Fivetran, dbt
    Apply here
  • Drata is hiring Senior Data Engineer
    Location: Unites States
    Stack: Snowflake, dbt
    Apply here
  • Wave is hiring Data Engineer
    Location: Canada
    Stack: Redshift, dbt, Kubernetes
    Apply here

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